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mindset peak living Nov 21, 2021
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To a very large extent, many of us tend to see what is wrong with others without taking in to account or having a close look on ourselves. Taking a self assessment is vital in making us become the best or have a realization of the best in us. You need somebody is very honest to help you in self assessment. There are a number of self assessment tests that you can undertake for self-discovery.

Self assessment entails looking deep into you for an insight thus self discovery. Here you do not become self centered but have some time to look at yourself get to learn about the person you see every time you look at the mirror.

The first step to a tangible self assessment is to be very honest about you. Take a hard look at the mirror and take time to study the person you are seeing. Describe the person that you see in the mirror using up to a total of 25 adjectives. Consider using both good and adjectives that are bad. This is important owing to the fact that you are undertaking a truthful exercise. Consider digging deep down. Uphold utmost honesty. Allow for rediscovery of yourself.

After looking at yourself in the mirror, and discovering the person reflected in the mirror.  Consider your likes and dislikes. This is vital to allow you identify any potential issues that may help you know the root cause of your likes and dislikes. It will help in prevention of repeating a bad behavior. Keep in mind the fact that failure to focus on your past, you be forced to repeat the same past. Look for the ways you can use to cope with the elements that may be stressing you.

Consider the activities that you like doing. Which books do you enjoy reading? What in most cases makes you not tolerate with life? What saddens? For all the answers that you give, provide an explanation. Explore the explanations to depth.

The next exercise is to begin doing a journal. For a whole week, write down all your emotions, actions and thoughts that you might have heard throughout the week. Write down what you do comfortable without much effort but is also very rewarding. A journal is different from a diary in that in it you write personal thoughts and reflections you might have heard.

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