How to destress with a pumpkin spice latte

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woman drinking organifi pumpkin spice gold

Ever try to doze off peacefully while stressed?

It’s nearly impossible.

There you are in bed, eyes wide open, your brain replaying all the things you wish you hadn’t done, or thinking about the things you still need to do.

Hey, remember the awkward thing you said in that meeting?

 Oh, don’t forget those 57 unread emails!

Wait, did you set your alarm?? Don’t worry, I’ll wake you up 12 times tonight to check.


Shutting down stress to get good rest is a struggle; especially when the majority of our waking hours are spent plowing through jam-packed days.

Maybe you end up passing out, but from sheer exhaustion insead of relaxation.
Or maybe you wake up in the morning feeling worse than you did before bed.

I know how it is.  

Which is why I started drinking lattes at night.

No, I don’t mean the coffee ones full of sugar and caffeine and everything mean.

I’m talking about a delicious pumpkin spice “latte” that’s actually a smooth and satisfying adaptogenic tea, formulated by herbalists to encourage rest, promote relaxation, and provide a restorative break from all the debris clogging my brain and my body.

Honestly, it’s not just something weird I do for wellness.

 Okay, it definitely started out that way.

But this decadent drink - made by my friends at Organifi - became something I actually crave, even though it doesn’t have any dairy or a single gram of sugar!

The taste is so indulgent (better than a sneaky midnight snack) that I almost forget I’m actually getting incredible benefits…

Until my head falls gently on my pillow and I awake with a calm, clear mind.

Organifi really set the bar high with Gold Pumpkin Spice.

They created a mindful treat complete with medicinal mushrooms, restorative herbs, and warm, golden spices that remind me of a quiet autumn evening…

All to help me end each day in a truly calm and restful state, so I can start the next feeling absolutely incredible.

It’s everything you love about the flavor of a pumpkin spice latte, without all the mean caffeine, sneaky sugars, and bloat-inducing dairy. Dairy is out for me! 

Better nights begin here:

  •  A mindful alternative to beverages prone to spiking insulin
  •  Herbalist-formulated, containing 12 clinically-studied superfoods and adaptogens
  •  Ingredients like turmeric (antioxidants to counterbalance inflammation), ginger (herbal immune support for the win!), and lemon balm (literally known as “The Calming Herb”)

Go ahead; de-stress and get the rest you deserve.  If you’re in need of a de-stressing sesh, it’s time to reach for the pumpkin spice made of everything nice.


P.S. Want to try it for yourself? Click Here For Up To 30% Off Organifi Gold Pumpkin Spice while supplies last!

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