Benefits of Meditation (spoiler! it's better than any medication!)

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As we are heading into the holiday season, it can be very stressful for many people.  In addition to all the normal day-to-day activities, the holidays bring extra commitments or family gatherings that can bring added stress. Meditation is something that has been used for thousands of years and there are many different forms of meditation. The best parts of meditation? It can be done anywhere, any time, and it's impossible to do it wrong! But here are some suggestions for getting a quick session at the office or anywhere you are. 


There are very many benefits of doing meditation. Meditation is very helpful especially to those people who are overwhelmed by stress and they feel like they cannot take it anymore. This is the best way that one can use to relax himself. Research has also shown and proven. You can reduce your stress just by taking a look at a landscape. This will reduce your stress by reducing your heart rate. There are many skills for meditation. The first technique is sitting straight up when you are sitting on a chair you should ensure that your back is off the chair. This is so that you can have a straight line on your back. 


Your feet are also supposed to be firm on the ground that is if it is possible. Your palms and arms are supposed to be facing you and upwards. They are also supposed to rest at the joint of your thighs near your stomach. You should ensure that your body is relaxed. This can be achieved by breathing through your nose and not your mouth. You should also do a dual inhalation, which is a long inhalation followed by a short one. It is advisable if you start with the short inhalation. For about five seconds, you should hold your breath and also the tension of your body.

When it comes to breathing out, you are supposed to breathe out through your mouth. When you do this, the tension in your body is released outside your body. You should repeat this for not less than seven times. After you have done this, you should now start to slowly inhale and count from eight to one. Hold for an extra eight seconds and then breathe out while counting from eight to one again. After that you can now go on without stopping, by breathing in, holding and breathing out as you count to eight. This is exercise is best known as measure breathing. You should repeat this exercise not less than three to six times.

The other skill of meditation is meditation proper. This is involved with concentration. You are supposed to meditate as you deeply concentrate on the middle point of your eyebrows. Your mind and your energy should be on focus and inside. You should this exercise for at least five minutes. These are a tense and relax exercise which will help you to get rid of tension that is build up in your body plus the breathing exercise. 

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