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PEAK+ Total Body Blueprint

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PEAK Integrative Wellness is a high-level concierge service, for high-level results. We want you to know you'll be FULLY supported and truly cared for when choosing PEAK. We go above and beyond, always catering to what we know would leave you feeling amazing, inside and out. We also value FUN, and focus on health in a way that elevates your entire life - even your social life! We are on a mission to help you live in this modern world and optimize certain key things that will help you truly thrive, feel more energetic, get a better handle on your stress and routines, and resolve any nagging symptoms you may have.


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What are your top health goals in the next 3 months? Be specific:

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What are your top health goals in the next 3 - 6 months? Be specific:

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If you could erase 3 problems related to your health, what would they be?

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What has been your biggest struggle to reaching those goals?

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What (or who) in your life has been negatively impacted as a result of your present level of health?

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What are you most excited about happening if in a few months from now you are feeling, looking, and performing better than you ever have?

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The investment for one individual to work with PEAK Integrative Wellness 1:1 for 3-6 months access is a 4-5 figure investment. PEAK accepts a very exclusive number of clients every 6 months to work with privately. Are you mentally and financially ready to commit to your health in this way?


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