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Sarah Anderson

Founder of PEAK Integrative Wellness

Sarah is a licensed and certified Nurse Practitioner, wife, author, and mother of 3 girls.  She graduated from Vanderbilt University and received post-graduate Functional Medicine training through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Prior to transitioning to functional medicine, Sarah has worked in medicine for almost 20 years in a variety of settings from ICU to medical research, and cardiology. 

Sarah now specializes in helping entrepreneurs and ambitious women, like herself, reach their PEAK state of health so they can push past the barriers and reach the next level.   

PEAK was started in the midst of Sarah's own health journey as a way to share the knowledge she's learned to help others heal. 

She is passionate about helping others rebalance and truly heal their body.  She believes in the body's ability to heal itself given the proper nutrients and tools, and there is definitely NOT a pill for every ill! Everyone has the potential to reach their PEAK state of health and break through to the next level.

She lives in Charlotte, NC with her family.

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We work with ambitious high performing women to up-level their health to their PEAK state.  We work to rebalance the body, heal the mind, so you can finally lose the last 20 lbs, balance your hormones and have it all.    

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At PEAK Integrative Wellness we utilize state of the art functional medicine laboratory testing to personalize dietary and lifestyle modifications to boost your brain function, reduce stress, and reclaim hormonal balance. 

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